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      No Offence series 2 is commissioned by Channel 4

      Paul Abbott’s critically-lauded police procedural drama No Offence has been recommissioned for a second series by Channel 4. Outspoken, out of line and often out of order, DI Vivienne Deering (Joanna Scanlan), DC Dinah Kowalska (Elaine Cassidy) and DS Joy Freers ( Alexandra Roach) will return for eight brand
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      Review: No Offence | The Guardian

      The Guardian | Sam Wollaston | Wednesday 6 May 2015 Paul Abbott’s rude but not crude un-PC cop show There seem to be no no-go areas for this vibrant, rich and warm cop comedy, but the title gathers irony like a snowball as the show rolls on. Dinah is on the way home from a night out with her fella. He’s being
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      Review: No Offence | The Daily Mirror

      The Daily Mirror | Kathryn Williams | Tuesday 5 May 2015 A worthy successor to Shameless and about time too Starting with a gruesome bang – namely a potential murderer having his head squished by a bus – No Offence is the latest offering from Shameless’ Paul Abbott and it’s one I will definitely be returning
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      Review: No Offence | The Telegraph

      The Telegraph | Bernadette McNulty | Tuesday 5 May 2015 Those missing Shameless will welcome this pacy and provocative new series by writer Paul Abbott Acclaimed TV writer Paul Abbott has had a hand in other dramas like 2012’s transsexual hitman series, Hit and Miss, starring Chlo? Sevigny, but it is over a d
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